Hello, I am Dr. Hans Lindner.

How can I help you?
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Hello, I am
Dr. Hans Lindner.

How can I help you?
Let’s get in touch!


30+ years of experience and solid knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry. Available for you to solve pharmaceutical development issues. Together with technical know-how, there is plenty of experience in leadership and change management, which can also complement your organizational and resource needs.


Discover and use my expertise - drug development consulting services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology organizations.

Pharmaceutical development:

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I am a registered pharmacist with a doctorate degree in pharmaceutical technology from the university of Kiel.

Throughout my career, I held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry, starting as formulation scientist at Arzneimittelwerk Dresden GmbH in 1994, then joining Ferring Pharmaceuticals in 1996 where I finally led pharmaceutical development in Copenhagen.

In 2004, I took over pharmaceutical development at Schwarz Pharma, Germany. After the merger with UCB S.A. I became responsible for late phase drug product development.

In 2008, I joined Bayer as head of pharmaceutical development. 2012, I took up leadership for External Technology & Innovation, a new organization overseeing all external projects in drug product development. From 2014 onwards, I was leading the global alliance management function, supporting partnerships in drug discovery activities at Bayer Pharma. My last role before becoming independent was leading a project to carve out a significant part of the Bayer drug discovery in Berlin and transferring them to Nuvisan, becoming a drug discovery CRO.

In this undertaking, I was ultimately the managing director of this newly formed company until 2022.

During my career, I have worked with a broad range of products and dosage forms. Small molecules, peptides and protein drugs. Oral, transdermal, nasal, pulmonal and parenteral delivery in non-modified and modified forms. Furthermore, I was also involved in drug device development, product transfers, validations and post registration changes. I have led smaller and larger organizations, including virtual teams, and have extensive change management experience.

I have also been active in professional organizations.
I was member of the board of the APV from 2018-2022, member of the editorial board of the European Journal of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics for several years, vice president of the European Association Pharma Biotechnology (EAPB) and I supported PDA as member in organizing committees.

Throughout my career, these values have been fundamental:

It’s all about people

Relationship and reliability

Expertise and experience

Passion and flexibility.

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